Frequently asked questions:

  • I am 15 years old. My parents and I have agreed that I should see a psychologist because I worry too much about everything!  Do my parents have to be involved in my treatment?I will meet with you and your parents to obtain as much information about you and your worries.  All information you provide is confidential with the exception of:
    a disclosure of physical or sexual abuse
    a disclosure of suicidal intent
    a disclosure about abuse from another health care provider
    a disclosure to harm another person
  • My 6 year old is having behavior problems at school.  I would like you to to meet with him but my ex-husband does not want our son to see a psychologist.  Can I bring my son to see you?A custodial parent who has the right to make health decisions for his or her child can consent to psychological services for his or her child.  My preference is to have both parents involved in the child’s treatment particularly if the non custodial parent has regular involvement with the child.
  • I am 14 years old and have a lot of stuff going on at home and at school.  I don’t want to talk to my parents or guidance counsellor but I need help!  What should I do? Good for you for recognizing you need help and reaching out. Your family doctor is always a good place to start talking about your mental health. Here are some additional community resources:

    Youth Mental Health Hub and Walk-in Clinic 2301 Carling Avenue (corner of Richardson Avenue):  613.562.3004

          Youth Services bureau 24/7 Crisis line:  613.260.2360 (local)  1.877.377.7775 

          Kids Help Phone:  1.800.668.6868

          Youth Net/Reseau Ado:   youthnet@cheo.on.ca  613.738.3915

  • Do you prescribe medication for mental health problems?
    Registered Psychologists in Ontario are not licensed to prescribe medication.  I will work with your family doctor and/or psychiatrist to provide information relevant to medication management if this is indicated as part of your treatment.